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New York Times: Report Critical Of Training Of Teachers
September 19, 2006
By Alan Finder
Most American teachers are trained in university programs with low admission and graduation standards, and with faculty members and courses that are often unimpressive and disconnected from what takes place in elementary and secondary schools, according to a study released yesterday.

Wall Street Journal: No Teacher Left Behind
September 22, 2006
By Greg Winter
Schools of education have gotten bad grades before. Yet there are some truly shocking statistics about teacher training in this week's report from the Education Schools Project. According to "Educating School Teachers," three-quarters of the country's 1,206 university-level schools of education don't have the capacity to produce excellent teachers.

Associated Press: Study Says Teacher Training Is Chaotic
September 19, 2006
By Ben Feller
Aspiring teachers emerge from college woefully unprepared for their jobs, according to a study that depicts most teacher education programs as deeply flawed. The damning review comes from Arthur Levine, former president of Teachers College at Columbia University

Education Week: Prominent Teacher-Educator Assails Field, Suggests New Accrediting Body in Report (PDF)
September 20, 2006
By Vaishali Honawar
In a new study that has already raised some hackles, a noted expert on teacher education paints the field as a troubled one in which a majority of aspiring teachers are educated in low-quality programs that do not sufficiently prepare them for the classroom.

New York Times: Study Finds Poor Performance by Nation's Education Schools
March 15, 2005
By Greg Winter
American colleges and universities do such a poor job of training the nation's future teachers and school administrators that 9 of every 10 principals consider the graduates unprepared for what awaits them in the classroom, a new survey has found.

USA Today: Training programs for principals inadequate
March 15, 2005
By Greg Toppo
Most of the college-level programs that train public school principals award "the equivalent of Green Stamps," allowing them to trade in primarily useless credits for raises and promotions without giving them the practical training they need, says the president of Columbia University's Teachers College.

USA Today: Principals pass - then fail
March 15, 2005
Parents and boards of education probably feel comforted when they see the title "Dr." preceding the name of the superintendent of schools. Knowing your district is in the hands of a highly trained professional adds peace of mind. Unfortunately, though, "doctorates of education" are relatively lightweight degrees.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Report Calls for Abolition of Ed.D. Degree and Overhaul of Education Schools
By Jennifer Jacobson
March 25, 2005
University programs that prepare people for leadership posts in elementary and secondary education range from "inadequate to appalling," and the Ed.D. degree that many of them offer should be eliminated, according to a report issued last week by Arthur Levine, president of Columbia University's Teachers College.

Meadville Tribune: Report: Training for school officials very poor
By Mary Spicer
March 21, 2005
What kind of leadership education does it take to make a good principal or superintendent? From the perspective of education-industry leader Arthur Levine, president and professor of education at New York City’s Teachers College, Columbia University and author of a recently-released study titled “Educating School Leaders,” the right stuff, so to speak, is pretty much not out there.

Ventura County Star: School leaders not well trained, report says
By Zeke Barlow
March 20, 2005 Sunday
A new study offers a damning view of the master's and doctorate programs that principals and superintendents go through before taking the helm at schools across the country.

The Herald (Rock Hill, S.C.): Try a new approach in selecting superintendent
By Bill McHenry
March 19, 2005

I was a public school teacher. For 10 years after retiring from the Marine Corps, I taught your kids; they came in all shapes, sizes, colors, economic and social backgrounds, and intellectual ability.

Education Week: Study Blasts Leadership Preparation: Teachers College Head Calls for New Degrees
By Jeff Archer
March 16, 2005
A far-reaching study set for release this week offers a damning assessment of the programs that prepare most of the nation’s principals and superintendents.

New York Daily News: Ivy big blasts grad training for educrats
By Joe Williams
March 15, 2005
The nation's universities do a lousy job prepping school administrators for the real world because they treat their teaching programs as "cash cows," according to a scathing new report.

The Hartford Courant: Study Criticizes Ed.D Program; State Educators Divided On Issue
By, Rachel Gottlieb And Loretta Waldman
March 15, 2005 Tuesday

A national study being released today indicts training programs for school principals and superintendents throughout the nation as "inadequate to appalling'' and calls for the elimination of a popular doctorate of education.

Educating School Leaders - Pre-Publication copy (PDF)
By Arthur Levine
Embargoed for release Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Report Urges Universities and States To Raise Standards or Close Programs; Calls for Elimination of the Ed.D Degree and Creation of a New Master’s Degree (PDF)
Embargoed for Release Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Recommendations from Educating School Leaders (PDF)
To improve educational leadership programs, the report recommends that universities, policy makers, and school systems. Embargoed for release Tuesday, March 15, 2005.

Quality of Nation’s School Leadership Programs Ranges from ‘Inadequate to Appalling,’ Says Comprehensive National Report by Teachers College President Arthur Levine
WASHINGTON – March 9, 2005 –The quality of most preparation programs for education leaders ranges from “inadequate to appalling,” according to a major study to be released Tuesday by the Education Schools Project...

Report #1: Hechinger Powerpoint Presentation
By Arthur Levine

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